Assessment and Training Packages

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Access and Equity

An individual's access to the assessment process should not be adversely affected by restrictions placed on the location or context of assessment beyond the requirements specified in this Training Package: training and assessment must be bias-free.

Under the rules for their development, Training Packages must reflect and cater for the increasing diversity of Australia’s VET clients and Australia’s current and future workforce. The flexibilities offered by Training Packages should enhance opportunities and potential outcomes for all people so that we can all benefit from a wider national skills base and a shared contribution to Australia’s economic development and social and cultural life.

Reasonable Adjustments

It is important that education providers take meaningful, transparent and reasonable steps to consult, consider and implement reasonable adjustments for students with disability.

Under the Disability Standards for Education 2005, education providers must make reasonable adjustments for people with disability to the maximum extent that those adjustments do not cause that provider unjustifiable hardship. While ‘reasonable adjustment’ and ‘unjustifiable hardship’ are different concepts and involve different considerations, they both seek to strike a balance between the interests of education providers and the interests of students with and without disability. 

An adjustment is any measure or action that a student requires because of their disability, and which has the effect of assisting the student to access and participate in education and training on the same basis as students without a disability. An adjustment is reasonable if it achieves this purpose while taking into account factors such as the nature of the student’s disability, the views of the student, the potential effect of the adjustment on the student and others who might be affected, and the costs and benefits of making the adjustment. 

An education provider is also entitled to maintain the academic integrity of a course or program and to consider the requirements or components that are inherent or essential to its nature when assessing whether an adjustment is reasonable. There may be more than one adjustment that is reasonable in a given set of circumstances; education providers are required to make adjustments that are reasonable and that do not cause them unjustifiable hardship.

The Training Package Guidelines provides more information on reasonable adjustment, including examples of adjustments.  Go to